Aquarline is committed to protecting your personal data. Contact us with questions and questions about how we collect your personal information, what kind of processing we do, and who we share it with if we share it. We will be happy to provide you with any information you need through our Privacy Officer, which you will read below. By using this website, you agree to these terms of collecting, storing and processing some of your personal data as set forth in this document. Table of Contents

  1. Definitions in this privacy policy
  2. Protection principles we apply
  3. Your rights to your personal data
  4. What personal information we collect
  5. How we use your personal information we collect
  6. Who else has access to your personal information
  7. How we safeguard your data
  8. Cookie information
  9. Contact info

 Personal Data Definitionsany information about an identified or identifiable natural person

Processing – any action applied to any subset of your personal data

Person – a natural person whose data is processed

Child – a natural person under 16 years of age

We -Aquarline Protection Principles, promise and work to abide by the following data protection rules / your protection principles:

  • Processing is legal, fair and transparent. Our treatment needs are legally binding. We always bear the risk to you when we process your data. We will provide you with any information to process and store your data at our request.
  • Your data is processed and stored to the minimum required so that we can deliver our service to you.
  • Processing and storage is for a maximum of 5 years or until you request their deletion, but there are cases where we have to maintain specific data such as tax information due to law.
  • We will do our utmost to keep your data accurate.
  • We will do our utmost to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data.

Reporting Your Rights with Your Personal Information “The Person” has the following rights:

  1. Right to information – meaning you have the right to know what data is being processed and how, when and why, at any time.
  2. Right of access – you may request a copy of your data collected through our website or other information systems at any time free of charge.
  3. Right to correction and deletion (forgetting) – you can request correction of your data or even deletion, but there is data that we are required by law to continue to store, such as tax.
  4. Right to forget – in many cases and for a subset of your data, you can request complete deletion of our files
  5. Right to limit editing – in some cases you may be asked not to edit your data, such as leaving our newsletters.
  6. Right to refuse processing – you may refuse to process your data in some cases, such as joining our newsletter.
  7. Right to refuse automatic processing – you can refuse to participate in automated processing such as profiles, market analysis by us, etc.
  8. Portability – you can request your data at any time in machine-readable form so you can transfer it.
  9. Right to request explanations – you can ask us why we keep some of your data as long as it is not posted in this policy.
  10. Right to report to supervisor – you have the right to report any potential problems to the supervisor mentioned at the end of the document regarding your personal data.
  11. Right to Withdraw License – You may consent to the storage and processing of your personal data at any time, but there is data that we are required by law to continue to store, such as tax.

Data We Collect Information and Information Provided to Us – It usually refers to your e-mail, first and last name, address or billing address, etc. – usually the information we need to provide you with a service or send you a product.

We also store your details which you fill out in the forms on our website for the purpose of contacting us such as full name, email, telephone.

Information that is collected automatically – This includes systematic data such as your IP address or browser version, your shopping cart information, your order history, etc. This information is collected so we can implement our services. By reading our website, your activity may also be logged for security and to enhance your experience. Your IP address may also be logged as well as login / disconnect activity with your account for security reasons. For example, if someone tries to access our site with malicious intent, the system will use this logging to prevent the attempt and thus protect other users.

Information from our partners – We collect information from our partners who are selected with the security and ownership of your data as a top priority. One of these services is Google Analytics, you will read more about our partners below.

Information Publicly Available – We may collect information about you that is legally available to the public.

How we use your personal information We use your personal information to:

  • We provide our services to you. For example to sign in to your account or to send you the products you ordered, to send you offers and discounts, and to inform you of our new services or events
  • To improve the user experience on our website
  • To provide data to government authorities such as tax authorities
  • To protect our services from malicious attacks
  • To fulfill our obligations to tax authorities

We use your data in connection with the law and / or with your consent. For our business relationship or contract with which we are bound:

  • To identify you
  • To provide you with our services or products
  • To improve and protect the security of our service
  • To implement our tax relationship and your debits / credits

About our legitimate interests:

  • To send you offers from us or our selected partners
  • In order for us to analyze our clientele in order to improve our services and introduce new promotions
  • To implement questions for your satisfaction

Since you have not asked us to exclude you, we believe that we can process your data in this way, if you do not wish to do so, you may request it from the Privacy Officer below. With your consent we use your data as follows:

  1. To send you newsletters and offers from us or our selected partners
  2. For other purposes for which we have requested your consent
  3. To meet the requirements of us from the legislative authorities of our country

We process your personal data to comply with legal and legal requirements. We have the right to further process your information if we make it anonymous in order to make it impossible to identify beyond what is stated in this document.We will store your information for a maximum of 5 years or as long as we have a business or business relationship, if you ask for it we will delete it, but some of your information must be kept for a minimum of 10 years in accordance with the law. We may need to process your data outside of this policy, if this need arises, we will do so by reserving the following:

  • There will be adequate protection for your data
  • The reason we will use them will be known to you before we do so in a clear way and with an explanation
  • Processing will not put you at risk and will not harm your interests

Who else has access to your data Under no circumstances will we share your data with strangers. In some cases, some of your data is shared with our partners as listed below Data Processing Partners:

Data and sector Processing company
Website Traffic Information Provided by Google Google LLC 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043 USA
Shipment Processor Internally
Online payment processor Eurobank

Our Professional Partners

We do not share your data with our partners in this area.

Related third party services

We work with businesses or partners that treat personal data with the same responsibility as us. We may disclose your information held by authorities or at the request of prosecutors and in legal contexts upon request.

How we safeguard your data

We do our best to keep your data secure. We use secure connection protocols (such as HTTPS). We normalize your data wherever possible. We are constantly monitoring our systems for attacks and malware.

Even if we do our best, there is always the possibility of a break. We promise, however, that we will notify you within 72 hours of the incident. We will also let you know immediately if we recognize that there is a risk to your interests as well. We will do our utmost to avoid breakdowns in our systems by constantly choosing the best services.

If you have an account with our system, make sure you do not leak your ID and password (username, password)


We do not collect data regarding children, children, children, or children. We do not include children in our services.

Cookies and other technologies we use

We use cookies to ensure the smooth operation of our site and for other purposes. You can read our cookies policy here.

You can remove cookies from your browser settings. Alternatively for some cookies you can use platforms such as or For more information on cookies in general, visit

We also use Google Analytics to record and analyze our website traffic. Google has its own policy regarding this service which you can read here. If you want to opt out of Google Analytics completely, use the tool Google Analytics opt-out page.

Access to your data, copies, deletions and right to forget:

  • You can request deletion of your information in the same way, or you can request it by email from our Privacy Officer below.
  • You can view the data we collect on our site through the “Privacy Tools” link at the bottom, or you can request it by email from our Privacy Officer below.
  • As for our online store, you can do the same, or you can request it by email from our Privacy Officer

Data collection from the site and consent

  • You may not send your information through contact forms from our site unless you select the checkbox to accept this policy
  • You are informed about the use of cookies on our site with the first access to our site and always until you agree.
  • You can only place an order at our online store if you accept the terms during the checkout process.

  You can at any time send us a question and request for an explanation or complete deletion from our Privacy Officer in the details below. Data Protection Officer As our Personal Data Protection Officer is set out below, you can contact us for any questions or requests regarding your personal data.: Nektarios Mavraganis +30 210 6026236-7.

You can contact our DPO at office hours, 9am – 5pm daily Monday through Friday, in Greece.

Contact Information Regulatory Authority Personal Data Protection Authority Offices: 1-3 Kifissias Ave. 115 23, Athens Call Center: + 30-210 6475600 Fax: + 30-210 6475628 E-mail:

 Changes to this policy We reserve the right to make changes to this policy. Last modified May 16, 2018