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Details Sauna Mood XL

Dimensions : 250 X 200 X 210 H cm

Versions :

Biosauna & Sauna

Sauna Temperature 90-95 º C and low humidity
Biosauna Temperature 50 º C relative humidity 30-35 %

Biosauna is the modern alternative to the traditional Finnish sauna. Biosauna is a sauna with a maximum temperature of 50-60 º C and humidity in a range of 30-35%. The difference with the Hamam is that Biosauna coexists and balances Temperature with Humidity to make the practice of Sauna more enjoyable and comfortable.
Biοsauna has a triple significance as it balances the temperature with the moisture content but can also be only a sauna with a maximum temperature of 95º C or even be used as a high-humidity synonym with Hamam .

Seats 2 – 3 x Lounge , 4-5 x Seat or 8 x Seats
Installation Corner- Back to wall- Niche
Net Weight 705 kg
Benches 3 Wall-hung (236/186 χ 54 xm)
1 Freestanding (70 x 40 cm)
Lighting White Led
Control Panel Temperature and starting time set up
Heater 7.5kW
Wooden bucket and ladle
Thermometer/Hygrometer and sand glass


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